Max Rocks

Max has always loved music, even as an infant.  He has some awesome dance moves!  He likes to carry my iphone around like a boombox while listening to mp3s.  He also loves the Blues Clues sing along, thanks Hillary.  A lot.

Congruent with  previous posts, Max requires participation whenever anyone plays Rock Band.  He’s an animal on drums…


and guitar


His singing is interesting to listen to.  He definitely likes putting the mic in his mouth and yelling.

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One Response to “Max Rocks”

  1. Hillary Says:

    Glad to see Max is enjoying the Blues Clues Radio, and the Dino Jammies! Our kids love Rock Band, too — their generation will likely all be musician wannabes and there will be no one left to run the country or teach or anything respectable….

    Great job with all the new posts! So glad you do this so we can keep up with you, even when we can’t see you as often as one would wish. The boys must have had simultaneous naps, huh??

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