Father/Daughter Dance

Here we are just before we were on our way to the annual Father/Daughter dance at Grace’s school.


This was the day after Grace lost two teeth.  She was left with only one tooth on top and in the front and this final tooth was loose.  The final tooth really started to wiggle around once we got to the dance and we spent a lot of the time at the dance with napkins trying to liberate it.

We took a step outside to get some more light.


And Grace yanked it right out!  She got to show all of her friends her tooth and got yet another visit from the tooth fairy.  Father/Daughter dance success!

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2 Responses to “Father/Daughter Dance”

  1. Gretch Says:

    That daddy/daughter picture is so sweet! You are rockin’ the goatee now?

  2. Hillary Says:

    Dude – what is up with the facial hair? You look like Evil Matt. 😉 Guess you’ve finally succumbed to the dark side…

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