Ben turns nine

November 21st, 2009 by matt

Ben had his friends Tristan and Max over for his 9th birthday party.  Here is Ben getting ready to blow out the candles on his SpongeBob birthday cake.


Of course 9 year olds love video games.  Up close.


We had pizza and the boys also watched “Up”, which was a hit.  Our little Max tagged along as long as he could.  They all played so well together!  Grace stayed over at Aunt Nani’s house to avoid the chaos.  Here is Max falling asleep in his lunch the following day, we all need some napping to get caught up on sleep.


Max thought all of Ben’s presents contained “Thomas” the train gifts.  Smart kid, as a good percentage of Max’s birthday gifts were Thomas related.  We’re done with birthdays in our immediate family for a few weeks.  Up next – Christmas!

Max turns two

November 9th, 2009 by matt

Max had an excellent second birthday.  The weather was fantastic all weekend and we got to spend a lot of time outside.  Max mowed a good chunk of the yard with his toy lawnmower!  We held a little celebration on Sunday where we ate Max’s favorite food – pizza!  Pronounced “deepah”.  We got him a Thomas the Train cake, his current favorite interest.


Max actually did a pretty good job trying to blow out the candles.  He knew they were “hot!”


Finally, we opened some presents.  Max really got the hang of this event.  Here he is getting excited about a new tractor book.


When all the presents were opened, he was asking for “more!”  That’s my boy.  He is enjoying all his presents today.


November 9th, 2009 by matt

We had a monkey in our woods


Thanks Gilleses!

And a cow


And a Geisha


I did not get a good picture of Ben in his Red Ninja costume.  Doh!  We had a great time trick or treating in Cedarburg with some of our friends.

The Family Fun Game

November 5th, 2009 by matt

One of the family games in our rotation is Cranium for kids.  The top of the box for the game has a slogan, “The Family Fun Game!”  Ben and Grace insist on calling it by this slogan, refuting any logic I dispense to the contrary.  One of the aspects of the game is quickly molding purple clay into items that the other players try to guess, similar to charades.  This is Grace’s favorite part!  Here is a photo of some of her freelance work.


The boys take a bath

November 5th, 2009 by matt

We thought we’d try tossing Will into the bath with Max to see how they would do together.


Will wasn’t sure at first, but decided to enjoy the idea rather quickly.  Max, however, was NOT happy.  He had no intentions of sharing his bath with the baby.


Riding the Costco pony

November 5th, 2009 by matt

After Sarah’s shopping trip to Costco, Grace and Max were playing well together and decided to ride the bulk toilet paper and paper towels as if they were horses.  They actually played this game for about a half hour!



Its cold out there

November 5th, 2009 by matt

When we were last visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Bloomer, Max wanted to go outside so desperately that I let him run around for a while.  Without pants.  Or a diaper.  He discovered you should wear pants sometimes.


Crazy Hats

November 5th, 2009 by matt

We’ve had a busy schedule and some technical difficulties, so I apologize for the gap in between posts.  Recently the kids had “Crazy Hat Night” at Awana.


Max also wanted to participate, so we let him wear Ben’s hat.