Bring your kids to work

August 25th, 2009 by matt

I’m thankful I have a job where I can watch the kids if Sarah needs to get something done.  Monday was one of those days.  Ben and Grace played video games and watched TV in our break room and Max sat in my lap to watch some noggin videos and ran around the building.  I fired up my webcam as Max loves watching himself on the screen and I figured I’d capture some video and pics.  Here is the little guy enjoying some of his favorite songs.


Grace’s Birthday Party

August 24th, 2009 by matt

Grace will turn sixteen seven on Tuesday.  She had a party on Sunday with some of her friends.  Sarah and I made a poster for the celebration, sparkle glue and all.


Our Gracie is growing up at blazing speed.  The girls made some beaded jewelry, ate cake and ice cream and posed for a group photo outside.


Will slept through the whole ordeal and Max took a nap through some of the party as well.  Ben and I hunkered down in the basement and played some Playstation to avoid the chaos.

Afterwards, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Mauer’s for spaghetti and meatballs (at Grace’s request) and some birthday cupcakes.  Oh yeah, and more presents.

Walk? Walk? Walk?

August 19th, 2009 by matt

Max enjoyed our visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s even a little bit more this past weekend because he is even more mobile and independent.  He was constantly asking to go for a walk!  Sometimes he even insisted on it.  Unfortunately, the trail was laden with mosquitos and horseflies, so we had to keep Max on task and moving along.  No time to stop and play with sticks when the bugs were attacking us.  Here is a picture of Max going on a short walk before dinner, without his shoes.


As usual, the entire family had a great time.  Uncle Nate even joined us for a few days!  We feasted on delicious food and even enjoyed some tasty beverages.  The older kids went swimming with Grandpa and Will was saturated with love and attention.

State Fair

August 10th, 2009 by matt

We picked up Natalie and all headed to the Wisconsin State Fair on Friday.  We beat the rain in the morning but it caught up with us in the afternoon.  We enjoyed fried everything and sometimes the fried goodness was even on a stick.  Beer was also consumed, of course.

We did eat a few things that weren’t too bad for us.  We had some sausage sticks (venison, elk, bison and ostrich), baked potatoes and delicious corn.


We didn’t go on any rides this time.  The giant slide was closed due to the rain by the time we approached it.  The kids shopped for trinkets and we wandered the expo center to stay dry.

Ben and Grace paused to pose for the classic cow shot.


Natalie and Sarah couldn’t resist.


At the beach

August 10th, 2009 by matt

We spent an afternoon at the beach with Andy, Amy and Anderson to celebrate Anderson’s adoption.  What fun!  The water was cold but that didn’t stop the kids.


Andy dug a couple of large holes for the kids to play in.  Max and Anderson found the holes and the sand very entertaining.


Max even ate some!


Bikes, scooters and helmets

August 10th, 2009 by matt

The kids have been riding their bikes more this summer.  Its great they’re finally mastering riding on two wheels.  About time!  Here is Grace taking a majestic pose with her awesome pink bike.


Max likes joining in the action.  Here he is with his helmet on telling all of us what to do.


Max tries to ride the scooter but he’s still to young to get much out of it.  He really enjoys riding around in the wagon.  He can muscle the wagon out of the garage by himself!

Anderson, Max and a wagon

August 2nd, 2009 by matt

Anderson and Max have fun playing together already.  Here is a clip of them coordinating their efforts in a wagon.

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Lots fun in the years to come.

Max can’t wait

August 2nd, 2009 by matt

We were at Costco stocking up on the mass of food required to run our family when Max  got into the blueberries.


We let him eat quite a few and he wasn’t happy when we finally took them away.

Ozaukee county fair

August 2nd, 2009 by matt

We met up with some friends at the 150th Ozaukee County Fair in Cedarburg.  We ate lots of fried food and ice cream, saw lots of animals and went on some rides.  Grace and I went on the Zero Gravity ride and we both loved it.  Here is a photo of Ben and Grace playing on some of the farm demo equipment.


We’ll be going again next year!