Rocking the Playset

June 22nd, 2009 by matt

Max’s passion for slides has not faded.  Here is a picture of him enjoying the playset, in his pajamas.


Based on the current levels of excitement, I’m guessing that the playset will be a hit for quite some time to come.

A Completely Grand Weekend

June 15th, 2009 by matt

We rounded out the weekend by visiting Grandma Mimi and Papa Mark.  The older kids played in the hot tub while Max got soaked on the sidelines.


Max is doing well with Sarah’s old tricycle.  His legs aren’t quite long enough, so he has to do a lot of scooting.  But he loves it!


Max discovered the slide hidden in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard.  Max has a passion for slides.  He slides down anything with and incline and exclaims weeee!


Bloomer Visit

June 15th, 2009 by matt

We spent a few days in Bloomer, visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  This time we had the special treat of also seeing Uncle Joe, Aunt Cheri, Aunt Ann and Uncle Nate.  Full house!

We did some fishing on the boat.


Grandma got to hold baby William again.


The kids played some croquette with Grandpa.


And it was the rule that the children had to wear life jackets when playing on the dock or by the lake.


Another fabulous visit!

Max loves Will already

June 10th, 2009 by matt

Max has taken to giving Will kisses and stroking him on the head.  Max is spontaneous with his affection and Will is either oblivious or  unsure of the routine.  I snapped a quick photo from my phone to try and capture the moment.  Who knows how long this loving phase will last?  Using Ben and Grace as a guide, the younger duo should be fighting over toys any day now.


The Playset

June 9th, 2009 by matt

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


The kids absolutely love the playset so far.  Max can climb the ladder and go down the slide by himself, but we supervise that closely.  Thanks to Grandpa Mark for all the help!  Now we just need some wood chips and sand for the sandbox.

Enwald Kid Flashback

June 2nd, 2009 by matt

Here are what the older siblings looked like when they were about William’s age.







Happy Baby

June 2nd, 2009 by matt

Will was sleeping my lap and kind of smiling at me.  Melts the heart.


I think he’s happy already.


June 2nd, 2009 by matt

Max loves it!


Max in Will’s Chair

June 2nd, 2009 by matt

Max likes to sit in Will’s baby swing chair.  Max is obviously way too big but he doesn’t seem to notice.


I captured some good video of Max trying to get in and out of the swing, I’ll get that uploaded soon.