Max gets an ambulance ride

January 27th, 2009 by matt

On Saturday our friends Andy and Amy were over for dinner and we were celebrating Andy’s birthday and the festivities were carrying on as normal.  We put the kids to bed and were chatting away in our living room when we heard Max making funny noises in his room around 9:30pm.  We figured he was having a nightmare, so I went up to console him and get him back to sleep.

Max was having trouble breathing so Sarah dialed emergency.  The atmosphere wasn’t really that intense but we were ready with the CPR instructions just in case.  By the time Max stopped trying to cry, he was able to catch his breath and started to show a bad cough.  The wheezing and difficulty breathing was croup to be exact.  The [friendly and professional] paramedics were fairly sure it was croup or some kind of respiratory infection, but they decided to take Max to the ER anyway.  Sarah held him in the ambulance and I followed in the van.


A little blurry, but you get the idea.

At the hospital, Max was diagnosed with croup and given a vapor treatment.  He didn’t care much for the mask but took the whole ordeal like a trooper.  Neither Ben nor Grace had croup but now we’ll be ready recognize the symptoms more quickly if it strikes our family again.

We had to stay in the ER for a while so they could monitor Max’s treatment.  The little guy finally drifted off to sleep around 1:00am.  A long night!


Max still isn’t 100%, but his wheezing is gone and he is doing surprisingly well.

Sheboygan Break

January 27th, 2009 by matt

We packed up the family and made a short road trip to Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan.  We stayed in the Kid’s Aquarium room and made multiple visits to the water park.  Other than a huge bucket of water getting dumped on Sarah, there were no surprises.  The older kids loved the waterslides but Max was overwhelmed by the noise, so he stuck close to Mom.

We ventured out around Sheboygan a bit, finding some nice restaurants.  We had some great food at Duke of Devon and here is a picture of Max helping himself to a rather large slice of pizza at Il Ritrovo.


Max Mashes Potatoes

January 15th, 2009 by matt

Max became excited at dinner last night when I gave him the potato masher.  He banged the masher on his high chair and made some funny faces.  He likes to be goofy for the camera already!


Winter Remains

January 11th, 2009 by matt


Ben and Grace have been enjoying the snow and not-too-frigid weather.  They play all sorts of games outside and do some sledding down our snow piles.  Ben is working on building a tunnel through a snow fort and he has enlisted Grace to help.  The kids’ snowsuits spend a lot of time in the dryer.

Ben has also taken interest in helping shovel.  He is a great help!  He has cleared the front walk by himself after we got a few inches of snow.  He has his own shovel now and eagerly awaits the next snowfall.

N.A.J. Superstar

January 11th, 2009 by matt


At the Farwell holiday party, Nate scored a fantastic one-size-fits-most sweat suit in the white elephant gift exchange.  He completed the look with my sun goggles, making fashion statements in disturbing and dork.

It was great catching up with everyone again, college was a long time ago for all of us.  Cheers to ’09.