Max, meet Claire

July 29th, 2008 by matt

The Gilles family stopped by on their way through town on Friday and we all went out for dinner at the Ale House in Grafton.  Our babies are growing up fast!  We strolled around and got some gelato for dessert.  The kids loved that treat!  As we were finishing up, Max and Claire discovered the other baby.  Grunts and bubbles were exchanged.


July 29th, 2008 by matt

Grace is loving the water this summer.  Here she is playing in the hot tub at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

All of the family also enjoys the Cedarburg pool.  Ben and Grace can swim underwater but are still working on regular swimming.  They’re close!  We’re going to have to get a family season pass next year.

Renaissance Faire

July 21st, 2008 by matt

We traveled to the Illinois border to the Renaissance Faire.  Knights, jesters, queens, parades, “Dead Rat” beer and good times were all around us.  It was a hot one, so thankfully there was a lot of shade.  We were standing by a fence by the arena, waiting for a joust to begin when Grace was asked to be a helper to welcome the queen.  She joined a few other kids and received some quick training.

Then she marched out to the jousting field.  I was using my camera phone, so I wasn’t able to zoom in but you can see her colorful summer dress if you look closely.

Shortly thereafter, Max decided he had enough and it was time to go.  He was a great trooper all day and he had fun taking it all in from the backpack.

Maxwell Street Days

July 21st, 2008 by matt

We took an afternoon to browse the antiques, games and interesting folk at Maxwell Street Days in Cedarburg.  It was smaller this year than we had remembered from years past.  We did go on Sunday afternoon, which was the last day, so some of the vendors were already packing up.  Ben and Grace got ice cream bars.  Here is a picture of Grace making a total mess on herself and her dress as the hot sun melts her blue treat.

Bastille Day

July 21st, 2008 by matt

We celebrated Bastille Day in downtown Milwaukee.  We splurged on tasty food and too many beignets and we talked to some of Ben and Grace’s old teachers.  This year BP had some fun things to do for kids.  Here are Ben and Grace riding an electronic surfboard.

Cracked Coconut

July 10th, 2008 by sarah

Grace has been welcomed into the “Cracked Coconut” club, i.e. she split her head open.  She took a dive into a stack of pottery bowls, shattered the largest one, and recieved six stitches for her efforts.  She never cried while in the ER or while getting the stitches.  She’s a rockstar!  Word to the wise however, it is probably a good idea to locate your nearest hospital/clinic BEFORE an emergency comes along.

Waiting in the St.Mary’s ER waiting room

The aftermath: Grace with stitches and the broken bowl.  We are truly thankful that there wasn’t more damage done.  I do now have, however, solid proof my daughter is “hard headed”.

Omaha Part II

July 9th, 2008 by sarah

We saw some pretty incredible things on this trip.  The week before we arrived in Omaha there had been an amazing storm, it was likened to a hurricane but without the water.  Here are some photos of the damage:

The tree in the first photo was enormous and had completely uprooted the sidewalk, someone had written “Shel Silverstein’s Sidewalk” on it.  Pretty clever.

Here’s another clever storm damage sign:

The sign reads “Truck for Sale – Slightly Weathered”

Omaha seemed to be full of odd sights.  Marni and I had taken a drive when we came upon a car wash.  This was the advertising for the car wash:

The statue on the left was the first one I saw, and had to take a picture of it for my sister.  Her response to the photo?

“I kinda love it.  It’s creepy and bright.  Makes me wonder about the company
that produces “statues” like that.  I like to imagine who sat at a desk
ordering him, who was on  the other line, accepting an order for one stiff
white guy in yellow suit, arm set in a right angle wave.  Blond hair, set of
black shoes, one rictus.  Plus, I love the soda & coffee 50¢.  Pretty great.  Send more!

Marni then told me of the African American car wash statue…which I also had to have a photo of, see photo on right.

One final “odd sight” if you will…

Max having his first taste of refried beans…yum!


July 9th, 2008 by matt

For the 4th of July we visited the Boster Valerios in Omaha.  The kids and adults had a great time doing the usual: watching excessive fireworks, playing hearts and kids games, playing darts, drinking beer and wine, delicious cooking, escaping the heat and catching up on life.  This year also marked the first annual kids versus adults baseball game.  The kids, unimpacted by the heat and bugs, came out over the adults 9-8.

We also visited the Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park in downtown Omaha and had some fun with the statues.

The Enwald’s can’t wait for the next visit!

Track Meet

July 9th, 2008 by matt

Ben and Grace participated in the Track and Field summer camp at church.  Ben was on the green team and competed in the long jump, 100 meter dash and the 400 meter relay.  Grace was on the yellow team and competed in the disc throw, 50 meter dash and the 400 meter relay.  The rain held off just long enough for everyone to get their ribbons and trophies.  Here is Ben crossing the finish line of the 100 meter dash:

We came home to a deer eating the hostas right outside our window