Memorial Day weekend…was memorable

May 27th, 2008 by sarah

We sadly had to pass on our annual North Woods camping adventure with the Sveums, Melissa and random others, because well Max is just too little for camping this year. We did do some traveling however. Packed up the fam. and headed to Bloomer to visit Matt’s parents for the weekend. Friday the kids, Matt, Charlie and Priscilla spent the day knocking down, dragging out a beaver dam out of the shoreline of their lake. Stinky job, but the kids loved it! They spent the rest of the weekend outdoors, running around, fishing and just getting into general mischief. Saturday we packed up the minivan again for a road trip to see the Gilles family. Got to meet baby Claire for the first time. We now have FIVE kids between the two families…YIKES! The day was great, and the kids got a kick out of Gabe, and vice versa. Besides an impromptu puking session in the car on the way home, go Ben, the weekend was a success. Until we got home. The storm on Sunday knocked down a huge section of an oak tree in our back yard. So, Sarah’s parents were called, on their 35th wedding anniversary, to come help cut apart the tree. The pix below are from the weekend.

Looking forward to returning to Lost Lake next year!

Ben and Grace riding in GABE\'S toy!FIVE KIDS!

Ben and Grace in Gabe’s toy!

Claire, Grace, Max, Ben and Gabe – so big!

Downed tree

Matt and Dad working to get the tree cut up before sunset.

The Big Kids

May 20th, 2008 by matt

I admit we haven’t been taking as many photos of Ben and Grace.  Here is one of Grace being a super helper and feeding Max.

Up next is #1 son, Benjamin.  He’s had quite a battle with allergies this spring but he takes his medicine and eye drops like a champ.  His eyes are a little red and his face gets swollen at times but he still looks ready to take on the world.

Ah, first grade.  Those are some good years.

Almost warm

May 20th, 2008 by matt

We’ve been taking family walks outside despite the cool spring weather.  Our new country location beckons us to come outside and explore a little.  Here is a picture of Max trying to enjoy the backpack and stay warm.

Hopefully the days get warmer soon so we can explore areas further from our house.

Spring is alright

May 11th, 2008 by matt

We have begun the yard work at our new house for the first time. The size of the yard has a not so surprising direct impact on the amount of work that needs to be done, especially when compared to our old ‘Tosa plot in the city. We may have to invest in a riding mower. The weather was warm enough for Max to hang out in his play saucer outside for a while.

Max likes the outdoors already. That is where the action is. Now we need some more warm, sunny days.

Yes, we do have other children…

May 7th, 2008 by sarah

It seems that we haven’t posted pix of the other kids, so here are some…

Grace, the Flower Child…

And Grace…Rocker Child.

Same kid, very different attitudes.

Max is 6 months old today

May 7th, 2008 by sarah

Our big little boy is growing quickly. Apparently rice cereal does not do it for this child. He has moved on to carrots….

and Corona…

More new beginnings

May 1st, 2008 by matt

I’ve decided to leave my job of the past 8 years at Stark Investments to start a new company, Elysian5. We going to start this weekend, so the website isn’t ready yet. As you can see by the recent photo, Sarah and Max don’t seem to mind my professional shenanigans.

Hillary and Jesse had their baby, Claire. How exciting! Also, Gretchen is due on tomorrow. I’m sure Nate and Gretch are ready for #1. Its a good year to be a parent.